Dear everyone, please meet my friend Kayla. I’ve watched this woman work HARD to complete a 100-day workout program. And when I say HARD – I mean that she encountered every possible obstacle that life could throw at her. But she stood up again, and again…and again. And she finished strong. 

I’m so proud of her – and as her twin babies turn 1 this month, I know she’s proud of herself too. Here’s what Kayla had to say herself: How did you feel when I first asked you to join the coaching team? I was unsure. I knew I wanted results like you. I knew I wanted a community of women supporting one another like you. But, I was turned off by the MLM concept and I was worried the monthly subscriptions would sneak up on me and before I knew it I’d be spending way more than I thought I was. But I did the math… a big old spreadsheets worth… and from the financial aspect alone, Beachbody just made sense for me. I was spending $300 a month for a training regimen that wasn’t really getting me results with no real accountability and no nutritional guidance. Once I looked at it that way, joining the coaching team was a complete no-brainer. And then describe how you feel now with fitness and coaching. What has it done for you? First, I need to give you a little bit of background on me. From the age of 9 up until I graduate college I was part of an organized sports team. I ran D1 track and field. I was constantly working out in a structured environment and I could essentially eat whatever I wanted because I was 1 – young and 2 – burning a bagillion calories a day. That meant that I basically never had to think about fitness and nutrition for myself – someone else was always doing the hard part for me and I just needed to follow the plan. My 20s were a roller-coaster of highs (being in great shape and running half marathons) and lows (“I’m the most out of shape I’ve ever felt…” *a month goes by* “no, now I’m the most out of shape I’ve ever felt”) – I couldn’t stay consistent, I couldn’t form good habits, and I kept on saying “I just need to get back to how I was when I was in school” but wasn’t able or willing to acknowledge that being a 20-year-old D1 athlete is very different than being a young professional in a corporate desk job. So, when I say I had been “trying to get back in shape” for years before joining Team Fearless & Fit, that is what I mean… 8 years of trying and failing. Sure – I had a twin pregnancy in there at the end (the babes turn 1 end of the month!), but that doesn’t excuse the other 7 years. I am now in a place with my fitness that I wasn’t able to get to on my own or using the traditional personal trainer route at big commercial gyms. A place I honestly never thought I’d be 11 months postpartum. I am also making smarter choices when it comes to food. I am happier. I have more energy. And, in addition to all else, I’ve found my new team, a new tribe of amazing women that inspire me every day.

And if someone was interested, what would you say to them? It isn’t for everyone. That is 100% true. But just try it. The worst-case scenario is that you find out it isn’t for you. But… best case scenario, you find something that totally works, you never look back, and you wonder why you didn’t try it out sooner.