“Everyone is feeling the benefits of my decision.”

If you’ve *thought* about joining my team as a coach…this is your sign. 

I’m thrilled to bring you the story of Sandy Hegeholz today. Sandy and I met online through a mutual friend, and she was looking to start something of her own…and decided to give coaching a try. 

Not only has Sandy CRUSHED her first couple months of coach life helping others, but she and her husband just finished our new gut health nutrition program and have found a new passion for nutrition and its power! More than the 27 pounds and inches lost between them, they have found natural energy, regular digestion, healthy habits, patience, sleep….and they had FUN doing it together. 

I love sharing my team’s story in their own words. So here’s Sandy’s story. 

“After a brutiful 2021, I was ready to make a change. We welcomed my second beautiful, happy and healthy baby into the world, I was home full time with her and my super energetic 2 year old son, was struggling with Postpartum Depression, a stress fracture that left me unable to run or play….and COVID. 

I wanted to feel invigorated, purposeful, and like “Me” again– but better!

I missed my energy and connection to others and wanted to give my family the best version of me.  I also found that a lot of my “people” were feeling the same way–thank you season of mama life and COVID!

I wanted to start my own Wellness Coaching biz in my community so that I could empower others to get after the life they wanted but felt defeated by the thought of the time and resources needed to build that from the ground up.

Insert Mel Johnson – I had been watching Mel on the Gram for a few months after a mutual friend suggested I follow her.

Her energy and lifestyle looked familiar…

I decided to attend a Coach Sneak Peek with a strong feeling that it was going to change my life. 

After hearing about the endless opportunities to build up myself and others alongside other women doing the same work, I signed up to be a coach that day.  

Yup- life changed.

After growing, delivering, and chasing two beautiful humans, my body was ready for a change, too!  I am a marathoner and will continue to be, but the variety of workouts and convenience of fitting them in my day has pushed me to new levels…fitness is FUN again! I GET TO do these workouts!  AND I get to share them!

Empowering others to choose themselves has always been my passion!  Through this new journey, I have been able to help some of my most favorite people in this world say YES to the life they truly want…. there are no words for how incredible this feels.

If you’re considering coach life – I would say why NOT?  Just for a minute, take the energy you are putting into the reasons why it won’t work and dream up what your world could look like if you let it work.”

Sandy and I have only known each other for months….and it feels like years. I can’t wait to hug her in person. THIS is the reason I encourage women to start their own online health and business. Because I know the impact that coaching has not only on the coach, but those around her. 

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